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 “Madam, you’ve won three nights and two days at Goa for two,” the voice told Rema.  Taking Satish along, Rema went to office of the sponsor. The lady at the desk spoke at length about their company. In the end she said, “The holiday is yours subject to your investing Rupees five lakhs with us.”

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Exchange Bonanza

Hiring an auto, Raghu took the old refrigerator to the dealer. The exchange offer of Rs. 5000/- was simply irresistible. Raghu selected a refrigerator costing Rs. 12,000/-. 

Salesman: “The exchange value will be Rs.2000/-.”

Raghu: “But your ad promises Rs 5000/-.”

Salesman: “Yes Sir, subject to the condition that you buy the one costing Rs.20,000/-.   

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Adults only

“Wow! Free tickets for the Rock show,” Ritu thought. She called up Richa. Both decided to bunk classes. They rushed to the stadium and waited patiently in the queue only to be told by the guard at the entrance that entry was restricted to people above eighteen. Ritu had missed the T&C in the hoarding.

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Beauty market

Cream in hand Priya toyed with the idea of buying it or not. It was a fairness cream recently launched by one of the popular brands. Suddenly something caught her eye. “To be used under supervision of our skin expert only.” She threw it down. “Another way of making money,” she thought and walked away.

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Lens required

Robert fell for the tall claims of the marketing executive of a leading jeweler. He invested a sizeable amount with them. The ‘conditions apply’ on the form was barely visible.  Robert believing he would get his returns in cash booked a flat. But felt cheated when the jewelers offered ornaments instead. His dream was shattered.

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The Matrimonial Ad

The ad read - “Wanted a fair, beautiful, graduate engineer girl below 26 years for a handsome young man of 50 years, innocent divorcee, engineer belonging to an aristocratic family.”

Raj laughed. The person mentioned was none other than his boss an ugly, potbellied man aging at the temples, a diploma holder.  The son of a fraudster.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The failure

The year 1995
Day – A sunny Saturday
Date - Hmmm…..Sorry can’t recollect

"Ammu get up it is time to light the lamp," I said.

It was 6 pm and my daughter was fast asleep. I had reached home a little early that day hoping to go out shopping with her. But here was ‘Valiyamma’ (literally meaning elder mother in Malayalam . By the way ‘Valiyamma’ was the lady who took care of my daughter when I was away at office. She had joined us when Ammu my daughter, was only 10 months old. ) telling me that Ammu had not changed, nor eaten a morsel after coming from school. Now that was strange. The happy – go- lucky person that she was, Ammu was not one to brood or act like that. "Maybe sick," I thought. I went to the bedroom only to find her lying on the ground between the wide open doors of the steel cabinet. I touched her forehead. No, not a fever. Then what? 

I searched through her school bag only to come across her first unit test answer papers. I knew my answer was there. She had scored well in all but Physics. I understood why she had acted thus. I realized that this was the first of the many failures she might have to face in the coming years. I felt sorry for her yet,was also thankful that it had come early in life. This was her opportunity to understand that life was not a smooth ride. It was a combination of failures and successes and that while she took successes in her stride she had to cope up with failures gracefully . Ammu was one who was always in the top five in her class. So I could well imagine what a shock it might have been for her when she did not manage to make it in physics. 

She finally woke up. I led her to the dining table where a hot cup of tea and snacks were waiting for her.She was silent. I coaxed her to have something. I did not ask her about the papers on purpose. I wanted her open up when she felt so. She could take her time.

Suddenly she burst into tears. I let her be. Then slowly in between the tears she mumbled, “Amma, I failed to make it in Physics.”

“Ok. We will talk about it later. First have your tea and then go and change.”

“Amma, do you hear I failed. Are you not angry with me?”

“No I am not angry with you. Now have your tea. We will talk about it later.” Thus consoling my daughter I waited for her to have her tea and change her school uniform. Then slowly we got to the topic.

“Ammu, tell me dear what went wrong?”

“Amma, you know it is the first time we are studying physics. I cannot understand what the teacher teaches. In fact that is the case with all of us.”

“How many got through?”

“Only two.”

“Well then, if you don’t understand what she teaches why don’t you tell her.”

“We tried several times. But she gets angry with us, scolds us. So we no longer ask her.”

“Then you should have told us dear, we would have talked to her. In fact I will speak to her tomorrow itself.”

 “No. Don’t do that," she pleaded. "She will be angry. Promise you won’t talk to her.” I gave in.

“Then promise me the next time you don’t understand something you will tell me or dad. We will clear it for you.”

She agreed. A light lit up her face. She gave me a tight hug and left to read her favourite magazine. 

Monday morning on returning from school she told me how the other parents had reacted to the failure of their children. No one was spared. In fact everyone was surprised that she had got off without anything, neither a harsh word nor any kind of humiliation. They told her she was lucky.

One month later

The next unit test results came. She scored the third highest marks in physics. I knew she had prepared well. But I was not prepared for this. I congratulated her only to be told with a smile, “Thank you amma for having stood by me. This was the least I could do for you. Do you know all my friends were surprised. They asked me how I managed it. I told them it was you who helped me. Your confidence in me and my abilities spurred me to take on the challenge bravely.  ”

Two months later

The half yearly exams were conducted. This time she raised the bar and the result was there before us in ten days time. She had topped the class and had also topped in the physics paper scoring an impressive 95. I was happy the failure had not disheartened her but had motivated her. I knew she was ready to face failures, take them as challenges and surge forward. My little girl also taught me a very valuable lesson on parenting. She taught me that love and understanding instill a sense of confidence in a child. It motivates them to give their best whereas harsh words and humiliation demotivate them and make them take extreme steps, steps we parents later regret in life.

Failures are no doubt the stepping stones to success but to convert them to success one must also be willing to take on the challenges they throw at us.

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Jealousy ?

Drenched in morning dew I looked heavenly. Each part of me cried with joy. I was the chosen one. I looked at the others with disdain. Was there a hint of jealousy in their eyes? A drop of water from a tree overhead fell on me. Ah! Shedding tears for love unrequited I thought to myself and smiled.

I was presented to a beautiful lady who handed me to the man behind. Not long after, I was in a stinking garbage dump. I cried. Had I looked back I would have seen the others pity me. They knew I was doomed.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Towards building a stronger, healthier and more immune nation

Sitting in my balcony one fine Sunday morning I looked out. The courtyard in the 80+ Apartments Complex was deserted. The silence, the closed windows of other apartments, the lack of human activity around sent me back down memory lane. Time was when we used to wait for that Sunday morning just to get out of the house and have fun with friends in sun, in sand, in mud, in water. The neighbourhood would be alive by 5 in the morning with the ‘Suprabhatham.’ I felt pity for the innumerable children restricted to such Apartment complexes and houses. They are brought up in closed units of 400 to 2000 sq.ft. right from their birth. They grow up as caged beings thereby losing out on health both mental and physical..

The strength of a building as we all know depends upon the strength of its foundation. A building cannot be erected in a single day. Each part requires some time to set before the next stage of work can begin. Same is the case with the human body. To build a race of strong, healthy and immune individuals we have to lay a strong foundation. This takes time but it is worth it.

Beginning of Life:

For some life starts when the seed is sown in the mother’s womb, for others when a baby enters the world. But for me life starts the day two people decide to tie the knot. Why?

The other day a young couple came to meet me with their child of two. The child looked thoroughly malnourished. The couple was healthy, but the child looked sickly. I did not have to go far to know the reason. The couple was first cousins. Now what is wrong in that?  From the social and cultural angle maybe there is nothing wrong. But from the health aspect, yes everything is wrong. Children of first cousin marriages are at a higher risk of genetic disorders because married couples that possess higher than normal consanguinity share identical DNA and genetic material. They have an increased chance of sharing genes for recessive traits.

The increased risk of birth defects and mortality that children of such marriages face is comparable to the risk of birth defect and mortality that the children of a woman who conceives them at 40+ face. Hence it is not advisable to marry within the family. This is the first step towards building a strong, healthy, immune and vibrant nation. Necessary awareness is to be created among the people in this respect.

Immunity building and the mother:

The seed is sown. You need to water it, nourish it and provide it with sufficient sunlight to enable it grow strong. How?

The mother starts taking care of the child even before he/she is born. She sends her own regiment of soldiers to protect the baby, in the form of antibodies. These are sent through the placenta. The immune system of the foetus starts developing from the 9th week and is totally dependent on the mother until the 14th week by when its own immune system is nourished and trained to take care of itself. The T and B lymphocytes and the antigen presenting cells are gradually developed during the intra – uterine life of the child. These help in the development of the various defense mechanisms of specific immunity.

Nutrition provided in the prenatal stage plays a vital role in the development of the foetus. Apart from transporting antibodies from mother to child, the placenta also transports the much needed nourishment. Hence pregnant women should consume food rich in Iron, folate, choline, potassium, Vitamins, Omega-3, Magnesium, Calcium, protein, copper, beta-carotene and zinc. Regular intake of eggs, fish rich in Omega -3, nuts, sweet potatoes, orange juice, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, beans and fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, papaya, berries etc. is advisable. Each of the above have an important role to play in the baby’s overall development. Lack/ insufficient supply of any one element can have disastrous consequences. Example.- lack/ insufficient supply of magnesium can affect the baby’s nervous system, short supply of Vitamin A can result in poor eyesight, bone structure and skin quality.

However, while consuming fish one needs to be careful against the possibility of mercury contamination.

Immunity, Growth and Development - Post Natal and later stage

The larva feeds on leaves but the butterfly seeks nectar. Similar is the case with a baby. Till such time it is in the womb it takes in anything supplied by the mother through the placenta. But once out, its needs change; its tastes become more refined. The meaning of care changes.

Breast feeding-

The initial milk produced by the mother is known as colostrum. Colostrum is a thin yellowish fluid packed with Immunoglobulin IgA and proteins. Immunoglobulin IgA coats the gastrointestinal tract of the baby and provides the baby the required immunity till such time its own immune system is ready to take over. It also contributes to the growth of the baby’s digestive system. After the initial 3-4 days the colour and consistency of breast milk changes. The benefits of breast feeding are long lasting. Some o the benefits are lowered risk of SIDS, asthma, dental problems, obesity in later life and autism.
Though the WHO recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of life, in Kerala right from the 28th day of birth till the “annaprasam”” day, the child is fed on Ragi/ dried banana ( Nenthravazha type) pudding or smashed baked banana in addition to mother’s milk twice a day. This is said to help make the baby strong.

Baby bath and massage:

Ayurveda strongly advocates Abhyanga or massage with baby oil for promoting the growth and overall development of the baby. There are a number of traditional as well as branded ayurvedic baby oils to choose from. Some of them are Balathailam, Ksheerabalathailam, Shashtika Tailam Balaswagandhadhi Thailam, Lakshadi Tailam and Dabur Lal Tail. Olive oil and virgin coconut oil are also used for massaging the baby. Regular massage contributes to proper blood circulation and the proper development of the bones and muscles.

In most Keralalite Hindu homes the baby is administered ‘Vayambu’ after massage and bath from the 28th day till the “annaprasam” day. What is ‘Vayambu?’

Vayambu is a collection of ten ayurvedic/ herbal items i.e Vayambu (Vacha), Erattimadhuram (Mulhati, Jetimad), Kadukka (Harad), Masikka (Muphal), Nellikka (Amla), Thannikka (Bahera), idam piri valam piri ( Marorphali),, Rudraksham, sandal and gold. These are rubbed on a ‘channa’ (a stone on which we rub sandal wood to make a paste) to get a small quantity of paste. This paste is then mixed with breast milk and administered on the babies tongue. The goodness of all these contribute to the baby’s heath and development both mental and physical.

After 6 months of age

From the 6th month onwards babies should be fed with solid food rich in nutrition.  Some Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend the administering of Balaguti for a period of one year to improve the baby’s immunity.

Children should be fed on foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins and essential fatty acids. The best solution is organically grown vegetables and fruits. They are not only free from harmful chemicals but are also rich in minerals. Paneer, milk and pulses provide the much required protein and strength. Nuts, brown rice, raisins, amla, ginger and turmeric are highly recommended. These items help in the growth and development of the immune system. One should also recognize the benefits of Neem, Aswagandha, Giloy, Mulethi and Tulsi and include them in their daily life.

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Children can be provided some additional nutritional supplements also in consultation with a doctor. Older children as well as adults can take ayurvedic supplements such as ‘Chyawanprash.’ Laced with the goodness of the innumerable ingredients that go in its making, ‘Chyawanarash’ is said to have anti oxidant properties. It also helps strengthen the body’s internal defense mechanism. There are many brands of Chyawanaprash in the market today. Some of the most trusted ones are from the House of Dabur, Kotakal Arya Vaidya Sala and Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Sala.

Apart from the above adequate intake of pure water and proper immunization in the form of vaccinations prescribed by Doctors and Authorities are also necessary to ensure good health.

Physical exercise and good health-

There was a time when children climbed trees at a very tender age, played all sorts of rough games, were close to Mother Nature. Children went to school on foot enjoying each bit of that exercise, falling and fighting, caring and sharing. My mother tells me that they often fell on the way and searched for their own remedy in the wayside plants. They would just pluck some leaves, rub it on the palm and squeeze the juice on the wound. Of course they were all well aware of the harmful weeds and plants and never touched those. Their immunity level was high and so was their knowledge of the benefits of herbs and shrubs.

Only yesterday I read an advertisement in a leading National Daily about  The Springs Continental School in Manjeri organizing ‘Mud Day’. Now isn’t that great?  A day dedicated to mud. A day when the children and adults are invited to splash in mud, enjoy the feeling of being close to Mother Earth and revel in her goodness. In olden days children reveled in mud, played in wet fields in fact some also tasted mud. Yet, they were strong and healthy. We miss those sights these days. Forget playing in mud, children don’t have the time and inclination for outdoor games and activities. They are just busy poking on their electronic gadgets.

Playtime and PT time in schools are not what they used to be earlier. Today children try to make all sorts of excuses to avoid them. They try and avoid the sun which itself is a great source of immunity.  Just as the brain needs books to feed on, the body needs regular exercise, fresh air and the goodness of mud to ensure the proper development of the physique and mental health. The inhalation of fresh air makes the body’s power house, the lungs strong. The Heart too is at an advantage. Hence it is not advisable to restrict children from coming into contact with mud and water.

In the end I would just like to say that the key to a strong, healthy, immune and vibrant nation is there in ourselves and in Nature, We just have to understand it, explore it and put it into practice, We also need to be patient. No shortcuts.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


“Mom, leave it to me. I’ll handle it.” That was my girl of seven.

“So you think you know it all?” I asked wrinkling my forehead.

“Yes. But if I win that chocolate in the fridge is mine.”

I agreed. Just then my husband came. She declared, “Dad, you quit smoking or I go on hunger strike.”

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He laughed and left. She stuck to her word skipping breakfast and lunch. Her favourite pastries lay there before her yet, she did not touch them.

The father in him yielding, he declared “I quit.”



She won. The chocolate was hers.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth

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Nature is a great leveler. She rules not only our environment but also our being. She exerts both external as well as internal influence on us, the creations of the Almighty.

Ayurveda has always fascinated me. It is there in my blood. My forefathers were Ayurvedic practitioners and maybe that is what got me interested in this topic “Traditional knowledge, natural growth.” So let us first explore the meaning of Ayurveda .

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine. Here “Ayur” or “Ayus” means life whereas “Veda” means divine classical knowledge. This system of medicine is incorporated in the last of the four Vedas i.e. Atharva veda. Ayurveda is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. The approach is holistic. Here Nature plays a vital role not only in the treatment of bodily ailments, but also in developing the immune system and providing a healthy constitution. Unlike chemically processed/ synthetic products, Ayurvedic medicines/ products are processed from natural ingredients and hence are relatively harmless when compared to chemically processed/ synthetic products. 

The human body is a combination of the ‘panchatathvas’ or five elements i.e. ether, air, fire, water and earth and each individual is governed by ‘tridosas’- Vatha, Pita, Kapha. Any change in equilibrium of any of these five elements or the ‘tridosas’ has a direct bearing on the human body and mind. The ratio of these elements varies from person to person. Ayurveda views each person as a unique individual and prescribes different treatment / care protocols for different people.

Now let us take a look at chemically processed /synthetic products. Unlike Ayurvedic products, chemically processed/ synthetic products are formed during chemical reactions as reagents are consumed. They are produced by chemical synthesis and not by a natural process. Unlike the Ayurvedic products that rarely have any side effect when used/ consumed over a long period, majority of the chemically processed/ synthetic products are known to have disastrous consequences/ side-effects if used/ consumed continuously over a period of time. Now let us take the example of Baby powder.

Baby powder contains talc. What is talc? Talc is a mineral produced by mining talc rocks. This is then processed, dried and milled. Studies have revealed that talc is toxic, in fact carcinogenic. It is harmful when inhaled and is known to cause respiratory problems. When applying talcum powder the babies are always at a risk of inhalation of this carcinogen. Furthermore this April the FDA suspended the licence of a major baby powder manufacturer in India temporarily, following the detection of ethylene oxide in 15 batches of baby powder manufactured at its Mulund plant.

Ethylene oxide is carcinogenic, mutagenic and irritating. Constant, unprotected exposure to this chemical can damage the lungs and cardiovascular system and can also, cause genetic mutation or DNA alteration thereby leading to cancer. Same is the case with many other chemically processed/ synthetic personal products like shampoos, soaps etc used in both child and adult care.

We all know that cod liver oil is rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, EPA, DHA, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is known to prevent rickets and Vitamin D deficiency in children. However are all brands of cod liver oil available in the market today, really safe? Well, the method of manufacture has certainly undergone a sea change. I happened to read an article wherein the author an avid fan of cod liver oil, narrates her experience with the oil. She tells us that her entire family including the babies used to take cod liver oil of a particular brand daily and they found it to be truly beneficial. The product was processed and manufactured in the traditional way i.e. by filling a wooden barrel with fresh cod livers and sea water and allowing the mixture to ferment before it was marketed. However, the manufacturers later following the footsteps of other manufacturers discarded the traditional method and took to the method adopted by most other cod liver oil manufacturers wherein the natural vitamins were removed in processing and synthetic vitamins were added back. The end result was oil far- far removed from its original quality and something that did not appeal to both children and adults alike. It is imperative that cod liver oil supplements given to babies and children are free from contaminants like mercury, cadmium; lead and PCBs or else the effects of the intake will be negative.

If a toddler does not crawl, sit or take his/ her first steps at the right time, it is but natural for the parents to worry. Exceptions aside, a baby well fed on a nutritional diet and well oiled and massaged regularly should keep the parents miles from worry. Today we have a range of ayurvedic oils as well as chemically processed/ synthetic baby oils to choose from. This often is very confusing. So what should we look for when trying to make the right choice? Let us try to analyze the difference between the two.

Babies are more prone to the side effects of harmful pollutants. Their organs being underdeveloped are incapable of fending off the side effects of chemicals. Damage to their organs in the developing years can cause serious complications in later life.

Synthetic baby oil is 100% mineral oil. It is in fact a petroleum product made from crude oil and is used as a metal cutting fluid. It is also known as paraffin oil. An article by Scot Maline at Ezine opened my eyes to the disastrous side effects of mineral oil especially in the context of babies. Parents with good intention apply this oil on their babies little knowing the ill- effects. Mineral oil interferes with the skin’s ability to breathe naturally. It coats the skin like a plastic wrap thereby clogging the pores. This in turn reduces the skins ability to eliminate toxin. Skin function and cell development is negatively impacted. There are also chances that the oil is contaminated with cancer causing PAHs i.e Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Regular use of the oil may also affect the functioning of the liver.  Chronic use of mineral oil in the treatment of constipation too is found to cause side effects.

Now compare this with Ayurvedic baby oil preparations. Ayurvedic products are neither bleached nor chemically processed. Passed down through centuries, these ayurvedic preparations are laced with the goodness of nature. Ayurveda strongly advocates Abhyanga or massage with baby oil. Babies are often prone to irregular food habits, mood swings, disturbed sleep patterns, etc. This according to Ayurveda is on account of Vata Dosa.  Regular massage helps promote growth and development along with balancing the vata dosa. It also helps the baby relax. In ancient times these oils and other ayurvedic preparations were brewed in earthen vessels on fire wood. Today things have changed with the setting up of factories and introduction of mechanization. However, the herbs, the proportions, the method remain the same. The goodness of nature was captured then and the goodness of nature is captured now too.

Balathailam, Ksheerabalathailam, Shashtika Tailam Balaswagandhadhi Thailam, Lakshadi Tailam are some of the traditional ayurvedic massage oils readily available in traditional ayurvedic pharmacies. Apart from these we have some others like Dabur Lal Tail,  Himani Sona Chandi Healthy and Fair Ayurvedic Baby Masage Oil, Burt’s Bee Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil, etc. All these oils are enriched with natural herbs and ingredients like sandal, almonds, basil, neem, ratanjyot,shankha pushpin, camphor and oils   like virgin coconut oil, till or gingelly oil, olive oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil, etc. The ingredients each in their own way contribute to the baby’s growth and development. While some protect the baby from skin infections, some improve blood circulation, some nourish the muscles and bones, and some relax the body thereby helping the baby get good sleep. And the best part of these ayurvedic preparations is that they are said to be free of phthalates, petrochemicals and parabens.

The Ayurveda system of child care being all encompassing, all elements impacting a baby’s health are taken into account while recommending measures for it health and development. Combination of Brahmi, Vacha and Shankapushpi with honey and ghee is recommended for improving overall immunity and intelligence. There are similarly many other herbal combinations, rasayanas, aasavas, arishtams that cater to the needs of the growing child.  

In the end I would just like to add that it is always better to avoid the use of chemically processed/ synthetic products for babies and growing children.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


6th April 1994. The sky was overcast. It was 3.00 in the afternoon.  We had just returned from a cousin’s wedding when my husband announced that it was time we left for Kannur.  Summer vacation having started we decided to leave  Ammu our daughter, with my mother. Vacations for my daughter was ‘masti’ time with grandma.

Reaching the gate we looked back and waved to her. But, the usual smile was missing. Instead tears welled up in her eyes. She suddenly ran up to me and hugged me tight.

“Don’t go amma. Stay here with me for another two days.” She pleaded. But duty did not permit me to overstay my leave.  I somehow managed to release her and moved leaving her wailing. This was the first time Ammu had ever cried on seeing us leave.

The journey from our small town to Calicut was uneventful. On reaching Calicut we took another bus to Kannur. I moved towards the ladies seat in the front, when my husband suddenly called out to me. He wanted me to occupy the seat in the middle, with him. I said I would be fine. Yet he insisted. I joined him. The bus slowly gathered speed.

We spoke about our daughter. We wondered why she had wanted me to stay back. I had an uneasy feeling. But my husband assured me that everything was fine. The heavy wedding feast and the cool breeze caressing my cheeks led me to deep slumber.

Suddenly I felt a jerk followed by a deafening sound. It took me some time to realize that our bus had collided with and incoming truck. Women and children were wailing. People were shouting at the top of their voices. The seats along with the passengers were thrown haywire. Only mangled metal could be seen.

Vehicle after vehicle sped with lights on and horns honking, carrying the injured. Suddenly I heard my husband calling out to me, asking me if I was fine.  I tried to move only to realize that my legs were caught under the mangled seat in front.  My husband started trying to move the mangled metal to release my legs

“Fast, Fast. The diesel tank is leaking.”   Several voices were shouting.

The smell of diesel and the voices below acted as a catalyst. The thought of my little one and my mother jolted me to action. Even before my husband could say another word I pulled my legs. The instinct to survive is great. My legs were leaden. Someone below asked me if I could climb out of the window. I decided to take the chance. Better a fracture than being charred to death. Blood was oozing from my legs. But I felt nothing. A vehicle sped carrying us to the nearest hospital. By now both my legs were aching. They were badly injured. My husband had received just a few bruises.

Suddenly I felt my stomach aching, I let out a cry of pain. My ever cool husband’s forehead creased a bit wondering whether I suffered an internal injury. He tried to draw attention to my plight. But then help was not easily available. All the doctors and nurses had been called in but the number of injured were several times more than their clan. So we had to wait for our turn. All the time my husband held my hands.  His very touch was relieving. He asked me to close my eyes and lean on his shoulders, try and shut out the pain. I followed his instructions as a child would do a parent’s.

I don’t know how long I leaned on his shoulders but I am sure it was a couple of hours. But all the while he sat still lest I be disturbed. Finally, our turn came. The wounds were cleaned and stitched. Bandages were wrapped. All the while that hand was there in mine giving me the courage to bear the pain. 

Later I came to know that the women and children in the front seats were the worst hit. Few of them succumbed to their injuries . Some others had their limbs amputated. I was lucky. My husband’s insistence had saved me from both. Later, while remembering the day’s incident I have often wondered whether it was the hand of providence to make us realize how closely we are bound to each other.

That day I realized that love is all about caring. A touch, a look, a pressure in the palm is enough to communicate your feeling for the other. Words are meaningless in front of them. I realized that my husband was as noble, as strong and as rare as platinum. I can always depend on him for support. The tie between the two of us is everlasting.

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Platinum is the least reactive metal and so is my husband. He keeps his cool even in the tensest situation . My husband is my Platinum, someone I cherish and will always continue to do so. Of course I have never thought of buying or gifting platinum till I decided to write this post but then, thinking about it I feel it’s not a bad idea. Platinum for the Platinum Man, A Toast to Everlasting Love. Sounds great doesn't it?

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