Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Sunsilk Experience

The train chugged in exactly ten minutes late. But even before it came to a grinding halt I had caught a glimpse of her by the door. Making my way through the milieu I reached her only to be shoved .I lost my balance but before I landed on the platform two firm, caring hands steadied me.

“Hey Ma! Take it easy,” she said.

I looked up smiling. But before long the smile disappeared. There before me was the apple of my eyes. But what is this? She looks different. I tried to figure out what was amiss. Has she lost weight? Is it the dress...? Suddenly it dawned on me that her crowning glory was the subject of concern. I missed her long and thick tresses. I ran my hand through her hair. Gone was that silken texture. Coarse strands greeted me.

“What’s this?” I asked. “Not oiling your hair properly these days?”

“Ma, now don’t start off,” she said.

The rest of the journey back home was uneventful.


“Ma, can you do me a favour,” she asked.

I looked at her enquiringly.

“Ma, can you rub in oil into my scalp and shampoo my head with that wild mussaenda leaf juice you always use to clean your hair?”

“Just give me a few minutes,” I said. “I will massage your head.”

“What about the wild mussaenda leaf juice?” she asked.

“That will have to wait for another day. I have to boil and keep the leaves  overnight before I squeeze the juice. Besides, it’s getting dark and it’s not proper to pluck leaves after dusk,” I said

“Then what do I do? Just see my hair. It’s like chagary (coconut husk),” she lamented.

It was then that I remembered the pack that was delivered to me the previous day, the New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner. The hamper was an instant hit. It looked good. But then looks can be deceptive. Would this prove the adage wrong, I wondered. I had to find out.

“Wait, I have something new. Let’s try it out,” I said.

She looked at me with wary eyes. “Hey, I am not a guinea pig,” she said. “Don’t try out anything new on me.”

“Don’t worry, at the most what will happen? Your hair will remain as it is. It can’t get any worse,” I said. Then added, “In that case, we always have the option of grandma’s remedy (wild mussaenda leaf juice) to set things right.”

Hesitatingly, she agreed. The head massage over, she stepped into the bathroom armed with the shampoo and conditioner.

Two hours later I ran my hand through her tresses. Lo, behold!  What do I see? What do I feel? …… Soft strands of silk parted to my touch.  The scalp was clean and shining and the coarse, dry hair was replaced with soft silken strands. The limp, entangled tresses had given way to a bunch of thick, strong tuft. I gently tugged at the strands. They did not yield to the pressure.  The natural look was back. The process of repair and recovery had started.

The transformation was there for me to see in my daughter's new, refreshed look. 


Co- created by celebrity hair stylist and Sunsilk expert  Jamal Hammadi and manufactured and marketed by Hindustan Lever Ltd.,  the pleasant smelling paraben free neutral pH, New Sunsilk Natural Recharge is infused with ginseng plant root extract  and oil ( Source : Info printed on product). The idea is to nourish, strengthen and recharge the hair follicles and add bounce and volume to the hair.

A piece of advice – Want strong, silky, abundant hair?

  • Nutrition is the key to good health and good hair. Have a balanced diet. Make sure you eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, carrots, fruits, nuts, etc.

  • Handle your hair with care. There is a saying in Malayalam that “One spoils the eyes by touching them frequently and the hair by not touching it,” So make sure to communicate with your hair. Old timers recommend a minimum of 100 brush strokes a day. Warning – Don’t be harsh on your hair. After all I am sure you don’t want to cause damage to your crowning glory.

  • Trim the hair at regular intervals to get rid of split ends. Split ends hinder hair growth.

  • Tie/plait  your hair when dry. Avoid pollutants and harmful chemicals. Shield from direct sunlight.

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