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Dear Sunny aka Surya Bhagwan

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Planet Earth

4th May 2014


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Oh God! I must admit you are hot. Today morning when I stepped out of the ‘cool ’ interiors of my house **will put even the boilers and furnaces to shame** your rays blinded me for a second. Even as I blinked, I could feel the 'warmth' you exude thanks to a scorched cheeks and hands.  Ten minutes into my task outdoor and I did not have to look far for water to quench my thirst. The steady stream of perspiration flowing down my forehead was sufficient to sooth my parched lips. ** Yuck ** Ah! That reminds me of something that happened yesterday.

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It was a long, tiring day what with a lot of chores to complete. Finally everything over, I decided to sit and relax on the stone bench in the courtyard. But what do I see there, leaves strewn all around, enough to make a bag full of manure. I looked up at the Ashoka tree in despair, hands folded I begged for mercy. Do you know what Ashoka said? “Don’t blame me. It’s all Surya’s doing. He glares down at me as though to kill. The very sight of him makes me shiver, hence the hair fall (leaf fall) . I hate the sight of these bald patches on my skin. Look, there are signs of wrinkle setting in.  Do you have any special sunscreen that will ward off the ill – effects of UV on my trunk? I need it urgently. ” I was left speechless. I wondered how things had changed. I had always thought that tension, stress and worry were the soul mates of only us Homo sapiens. But here I find trees no better off.

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Now there are these heavy weights (Jeans) in my hands. You tell me what do with them.   Neither can I let my son wear them, nor can I dispose them.  It’s your fault. I had just wanted them to be dried and sanitized not bleached.  If you really wanted to show them some love you could have tanned them. Think I will have to put it under the feet, doormats worth 2000 rupees each.  Now isn't that pure luxury and creativity? **Anger boiling, the body’s AC is switched on. Steady stream of perspiration trickles down.**    

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One question- Are the Heavens facing a drought like situation? No, No, just clarifying. You see the wells, the lakes and rivers here are fast drying up. The earth is cracking.So was just wondering whether the Gods and Goddesses are drawing water from planet earth. Ah! Do I see you sipping water from our rivers. Now don’t you think this is a little tough on us earthlings?  

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Are you even aware that there is a fresh battle raging here between the squirrel, the crow and others?  Food is scarce, so they vie with each other to lay hands on the handful of mangoes there at the top of the tree. ** The top seems to touch the sky. Looks like I will have to charter a plane to pluck them. But is it worth it? ** We humans are left just taking in the sight. **Mann mein laddu nahin phoot rahein hain. Mann mein aam nichodne kee koshish har rahein haein **

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Everyone says the moon is cool. So naturally after you bid us goodbye, we look to a nice cool nap at night. But it seems your heat has bogged down the moon too or else why would the moonlit nights be hot and sweltering. Now don’t be bossy. Leave the moon alone. Let him show us earthlings, some love.

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**Sniff, Sniff** Looks like something is burning. Oh no, I just forgot, I've put the milk to boil. Sorry, I must stop here, will catch up with you later in another letter. But in the meantime just one small request. Stop trying to get close. No don’t mistake me. But the way the summer is getting hotter with each passing year it looks like you have forgotten our pact, the one of maintaining a respectable distance. Show some mercy on us and of course don’t drink up all the water. Our body needs it to keep the AC running. 

Show mercy . Give us some respite. Don't show so much love. 

Looking for a positive response.

**Sapped of energy,perspiring profusely**

Yours  ** Wish I could shoot you**


Earthling G  ** But Helpless**

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