Sunday, 19 January 2014

Generous soul

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Sitting on the tree I looked longingly at the ripe jackfruit. The smell was over powering, the sight tempting. Yet I feared to approach it. The crows would attack us. Jhilmil my companion was restless. She wanted to run and nibble at it but was forced to wait.  Time stood still. The crows were taking longer than usual. Jhilmil let out a yawn and went off to asleep.

“Shoo, Shoo”. That was the lady of the house a beautiful young lass of twenty plus. She was a dear, a kind -hearted soul.  I had often seen her feed the stray cats and dogs that ventured near the house. She stroked them, spoke to them and fed them. Only the other day I had seen her attend to a wounded dog. I often wished she would cuddle me. The very thought tickled me.


That was Jhilmil.  She had fallen off from the branch. I saw the lady running towards us. Wide awake, Jhilmil ran up again.  I looked through the corner of my eyes and saw the lady let out a sigh of relief hand pressed over her bosom.

“Shoo, Shoo.” The crows had returned. The lady sent them away. She looked at me and smiled.  She had sent away the crows so that we could partake of the Jack fruit feast. We jumped at the opportunity.

“Ah! Tasty, isn’t it?” Jhilmil asked.

Nodding my head I looked at the lady. She was there looking at us lovingly, stick in hand waiting to ward off the crows that were looking at her with stealthy eyes.

The next morning on waking up Jhilmil asked, “What is today’s menu?”

Looking at the Jamun tree I said, “The lady has left a handful of Jamuns for us. Generous soul, may God bless her.”

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