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How does it feel when you find the elders in the house consulting you on matters of importance even as a kid? Great isn't it? Well that’s how I always felt when Dad and Mom consulted me before taking important decisions right from my school days.  I took it as a compliment.  

Do you admire someone? Do you love something about someone? Do you appreciate a deed? Well then don’t keep it to yourself. Speak out. Let the other person know. Your compliment is precious but, unlike gold or money it is not something to be kept hidden in the locker of your heart. It is something to be shared just as you would an ice cream or a chocolate.  What happens when you share your ice cream or chocolate with your siblings or your friends? You bring a smile to their lips, a lilt to their steps. Compliment too has the same effect. In fact it is much more. The ice cream, the chocolate have a temporary effect. The compliment has a long term effect and in some cases it is lifelong. Your compliment can motivate someone, give them a reason to live, spur them in their mission to excellence, make their life.

My mother is a woman of substance.  She has always been there for me. She along with Dad had just one vision – To educate us her daughters. Make us independent.  Both of them have made a lot of sacrifices for us. To you my parents- “You are the best  God could bless us with.” This is for you too Dad, I know you can read my thoughts even sitting in heaven.

My mother- in- law is a simple soul. She is quiet and unassuming. She sees in me her fourth daughter. I have never seen her angry even in the most trying situation.  I always wonder whether God forgot to add the emotion called “anger’ while making her. If ever I were to be born and married again, I would like to have her as my mother-in-law. To you mom – “You are a fine lady.”

That 100W smile, pleasing to the eyes, balm to the wounded heart is my daughter dear. Of course she does erupt as a ‘volcano’ at times but then, that’s nothing compared to the happiness she spreads around. Her smile is infectious, her chatter music to the ears. She has a way with people. She is simply unforgettable. People remember us through her. To my darling –“You are our strength, the apple of our eyes.”

My one and only sister, always there to lend a hand should I fall, is again a pillar of strength. Caring and sharing are a way of life with her. To you my sis- “You are  the best sister in the world.”

My niece a beautiful lass is  shy yet intelligent. She is witty at times. Say something, pat you get a reply. Try to bowl her out, she will hit a sixer. To her- “You are simply adorable.”

Ah! How could I forget him, my son- in-law ?  A loving and caring person, I know he is the right one for the apple of my eyes. A hardworking person, filled with compassion his never say die attitude is what makes him special. To you my son-in-law- “You amaze me.”

Friends I have many who I know I can trust at all times. They are there not for a day or two but are there till the end. 26 long years I worked with hundreds of various hues yet, in all I found a friend and not a foe. We worked as a team. The finest on earth were chosen for me. To all my friends and ex- colleagues-“ You all inspire me.”

Many people I met on my journey called life. Teachers, relatives, students, neighbors, bloggers, acquaintances, and strangers they are. Each one of them has in some way or the other shaped my being, my destiny. To all of you - “ You have knowingly or unknowingly taught me a valuable lesson or two.”

Ahem! Now is there someone I have left off in this list? Do guess. You may have got it or you may have not. It’s none other than my life partner of 28 years. My backbone I call him. He steadies me should I  trip, motivates me should I hesitate, advises me should  I feel confused and above all is always there by my side holding my hand helping me in my trek on life’s treacherous paths. To him-“ You are a gem of a person”.

As I pour out my compliments from the kettle of my mind hot, steaming and refreshing, I feel light. The sky seems brighter and the trees around greener.  The song of the birds is more melodious and the sound of the auto passing by my window no longer hurts my ears. Life seems more beautiful.

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