Thursday, 5 December 2013

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For 'Verse First ~ The Owl'

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The setting sun called out to me
Telling me it was time to stir
The mice and insects could now be seen
Scurrying, hurrying to home afar

Looking up at the moon above
I smiled and wished a happy day
Witness to all my deeds I found
In moon a friend who is there to stay

Ah! What is that I see scurrying below
Above dried leaves fallen in the day
A  tiny bundle of fur it looked
Someone I had to have without further ado

I swooped down in one swift and silent move
Ears alert, eyes wide open on the prey
My legs then held a creature small
Silky, squeaking, beautiful I must say

Holding it I thought to myself
What am I doing with this bundle small?
The philosopher in me came to the brim
The predator in me was overpowered

I thought of my little ones
Sweet and silky as this little being
I thought of the predators that prey on them
My eyes were filled with melancholy

I turned the bundle in my claws
As softly as I could and felt
Waves of fear I felt in my paws
The little thing was scared I knew

I turned my head round and round
Saw if there was another of my kin around
Then gently I swooped down again
And placed it in the leaves below

I heard a squeak and knew it was 
Of the bundle of silk I left below
I heard another and knew it was 
Of the mother joyful at having her babe safe and sound

The night was long and I had to wait
A long, long time to get my prey
Yet regret I not the wait long
I knew I had done a wonderful deed

The setting moon waved me a smiling goodbye
The morning sun rising over the horizon smiled
I felt elated and at peace
I had not snatched a babe from its mother’s warmth

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