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Gifts for Life

Life is queer
We never know
What the morrow brings with it.

Life has its twists and turns. It is unpredictable. The king of today may be the beggar of tomorrow. However we can to a certain extent lessen the pain and suffering if we plan for the morrow well in advance. Now how do we do that? It all depends upon one’s perception of what is needed to secure one’s future.

Gone are the days when there was a big family to take care of our children should we parents not be there for them. With the disintegration of the Joint family set up and the setting up of nuclear family units, it’s now up to the parents to secure their children’s’ future. The earlier one starts, the better. For me the process begins from the point the baby is conceived.

A Happy Environment

The moment a baby is conceived the mother experiences many changes in her body both mental and physical.  Our ancestors were well aware of the need to keep pregnant women in good spirits. The rule was that they hear good things, eat good food and think only of good things. Brooding over anything was a ‘no-no.’ Mothers, grandmother, aunts and cousins would all take great care in fulfilling the wishes of the pregnant lady of the house. It is said that the child’s mental well being begins right in the womb. The greatest gift a mother can give her child is being cheerful. There may be times when she goes through untold misery like frequent nausea, cramps, etc. But then one thought of the life within is enough to buoy her spirits. The misery vanishes.

Once the child is born the one thing he/ she yearns for is unlimited love.  Is the child asking for the heavens? No. It’s just asking for something that’s easily available. But then it’s upto the parents to gift them that love without a thought of what they will get in return.  The parents need to keep aside their differences and provide the child with a happy environment. It’s always best to remember that the child is like a bone china cup on a tray.  Here the tray is the parent’s combined. If the tray breaks the child automatically falls and shatters.  He/ she become bitter and withdrawn or rebellious. Either way it affects the child’s future and personality.

A happy family environment does not cost you a penny. It’s only the attitude that matters.


A happy family and righteous parents are key to character building. A lot of money and pampering can ruin your child’s future. Teach the child the value of money as soon as she/ he is able to talk and walk. At times it is difficult to say “No.” Yet we must. Giving in to all whims and fancies can have disastrous consequences in future. What if the child is not able to afford all the luxuries he or she is used to, tomorrow?  The child may either undergo untold misery and trauma or may land up in bad company and may acquire bad habits.

We often see parents taking pleasure in certain acts of their child that are not exactly pleasant. They laugh off even the smallest acts of misdemeanor forgetting that these acts may latter be the stepping stones not to success, but to ruin.  Each little act good or bad counts when it comes to character building.  When I say character building I also take into account the influence that friends have on each other. One bad friend can lead to ruin. Hence as parents we need to keep a constant vigil on our child’s moves, their company and protect them from evil.

Character building also decides the child’s future, whether he or she will turn out to be a responsible citizen or an irresponsible one. The responsible one has nothing to fear but the irresponsible one is under constant threat. Hence “Character” is the second best gift a parent can give a child for a secure tomorrow. It will stand him/ her in good stead.


Vidya dhanam sarva dhanam.” 
(Education is the best and ultimate wealth)

Education is not only about learning to read, write and speak. It is much more. Education too contributes to character and personality development. When I speak of education I am reminded of my parents. They believed that education was the best “Sthri dhan” that they could give their daughters. And they were right. Education helps develop the intellect. It augments the lessons we learn at home. It helps us to stand on our own. Education is a great source of strength, something that each individual requires in abundance to take on the challenges in life. Hence access to quality education is the third perfect gift for a child.

Times may change, people may come and go, wealth may say good bye but education will never leave one’s side. It is faithful as a dog.


A healthy child is a source of pride.  What use is wealth without health? Parents are custodians of God’s creation, the child. To ensure that the child is hale and hearty and turns out to be a fine being we need to provide them with the best source of nutrition that we can provide.  Here again this exercise should start right in the mother’s womb and should continue right through their youth. By doing so, we secure not only their future but also the future of their progeny. This is a sort of a chain reaction. A weak link can lead to weaklings in future.

Human nature tends to love and care more with each passing generation and so I am sure no one would want their grandchildren, great grand children and generations down the line to be weak. They would always like the chain to grow stronger with each addition. Hence it is upto us to ensure that we gift our children with good health.


Last on the list is wealth. To lead a comfortable life one does need money. A hungry mouth cannot think rationally. Often we come across petty thieves. An analysis of their past history reveals that the first time they ever tried their hand at robbery was for ‘food.’ Queer are the ways of life. The rich have plenty and often waste. The poor have not and are often forced to snatch.  Hence it’s always advisable that we parents secure our child’s future by adding up a bit off and on for their future. There are many options available in the market today. All banks and insurance companies have schemes of their own. You just have to have the will to save. Every little rupee saved can help your child in times of need. Along with saving for their future one can also impart lessons in thrift to them at a very early age itself. So that it becomes a way of life for them.

Gifts are the love parents give to their child hoping to see them sail smoothly through life. Hence it is upto the parent to understand the importance and necessity of each of the above and set their priorities accordingly. Gifts should be tokens of love. They should not be a show of wealth and power.

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