Sunday, 22 June 2014

I am still alive???

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It is 6 in the morning. I suddenly wake up with a start. The eerie sound of the alarm sets my pulse racing. Slowly rubbing my eyes I look at the calendar on the wall. 

“You are going through a very bad phase,” the family astrologer had said. “Doubt whether you will survive this amavasya.”

I took a second look at the calendar. Sure it was ‘amavasya,’ my last day on planet earth. My head spins, my hands turn cold. I feel helpless

“Tring…Tring…” the phone rings. It’s my daughter at the other end. Tears well up in my eyes. I gather myself and pick up the phone.

“Hi sweetheart!  Happy Birthday. So what’s special today?” She asks.

“Nothing special. Just the usual meal and maybe a glass of paysam,” I say, forcing myself to sound cheerful.

“Hey, Amma, something worrying you?”she asks

I reply in the negative. After chatting for a few more minutes she keeps down the phone. With leaden legs I move towards the kitchen. 

“Whroom…… crash…” the sound of a bike hitting the wall makes me start. I rush to the door. There just outside the gate I see a figure drenched in blood. My legs gather wings; I rush to his side calling out to my husband for help.

I draw in my breath. There before my eyes, is a young boy of just fourteen or so.  Legs crushed below the bike he moans. I try to pick up the bike but to no avail. Suddenly, two strong arms join mine. Bike removed, we quickly lift up the injured.

Luckily for us the doctor next door is in station. First aid given, the car is taken out. With hubby at the wheel we rush the boy to the nearest hospital. The boy groans in pain. I lay his head on my lap and offer words of comfort. The car moves through the maze of traffic with headlights on and the horn blaring. Out of the corner of my eyes I see an errant motorcyclist or two suddenly swerve away from our path.

The next four hours are the most difficult ones. The police are summoned, the boy’s parents contacted, the surgery is on. Hubby and myself are busy contacting people trying to arrange blood that too B-ve, for the boy in the theatre. Operation successful, we reach home mentally drained. It is already well past 11 am. I am in no mood to cook so hubby decides we go in for parcel meals.

Other chores over, we sit down for the meal in silence. The meal from ‘Kayees’ has never tasted so good. I guess it is the sheer feeling of relief that has added to its taste. I call up the hospital. The boy is doing fine. I sit down with a book. Just two pages into reading, I drift off into a world of my own.  I am transported 40 years back into the past.  My school, my friends, the adventures, the falls all comes to life. I don’t know how long it is since I have been in this yester- world. I feel a pressure on my shoulders.

“What’s so funny?” hubby asks. It is only then that I realize that I have been laughing out loud. My cheeks are wet with tears, no not the sad ones.

I put the book aside. The garden beckons me. I enter it. The sweet smell of the roses transports me to another world. I remember the time I was married. A smile plays on my lips. I gently fondle the petals of a bud waiting to bloom. The face of my newborn babe flashes before my eyes. My lips involuntarily touch the bud.  I relive the joy, the ecstasy of the moment I held my little one in my hands. Her eyes probing mine, her face breaking into a smile, her gurgles, her tantrums all come back to me. I am lost.

The sound of the temple bell wakes me up from my reverie. I rush in. It is tea time. I put the kettle to boil. 

The smell of the brewing tea reminds me of my mishaps, my blunders in the kitchen. I rewind. The kettle sings.  Sweet melody flows from my lips interspersed with small bursts of laughter. Suddenly an unpleasant incident comes to mind. I fast forward the tape (memory tape) only to slow down when another sweet moment comes up again.

I sniff. The smell of something burning hits me like a bolt from the blue. The red, hot, angry kettle stares at me. I crouch. The kettle is dumped in the sink. “Serves it right,” I think. “It had the audacity to stare at me in anger.” The second kettle goes on the stove. This time I am careful. Tea served, I switch on the television. The evening news keeps me engrossed.

Suddenly a news flashes on the screen. My bank has just won an award for customer excellence. I rejoice and break the news to hubby dear. I can’t wait to share it with my counterpart friends in another Bank. After all, they have been our greatest critique even going to the extent of hinting the merger of our Bank with theirs.  The net is connected, FB accessed, words flow. Time flies, the net has me hooked.

More than an hour into the net, I look up and out of the window. “Ah! Dusk already,” I say to myself. I get up hurriedly. The evening lamp is lit. Prayers offered, I move into the kitchen. Hubby accompanies me. Together, we work on the dinner. Chapattis are rolled and with them the video cam of my mind. The lovely time spent in the kitchen with hubby for help, the chappatis rolled out by my sweet babe, the grumbling over misplaced containers… all come to life. Before I realize it, dinner is ready.

The table is set; the meal passes off in sweet silence.  I return to my laptop and the social media. There are a lot of posts waiting to be read and commented on. Seconds, minutes, hours tick by. My fingers fly on the keyboard. A new post takes shape.

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11.30 pm

Sleep is at the doorstep of my eyes. Net disconnected, system shut down, I get up stretch my hands above my head and release a cry of relief.  A silent prayer leaves my lips. My head hits the pillow. Sweet slumber takes over.

The next day

A crow caws, the cuckoo sings. I open my eyes.

I am still alive???
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The prompt 

So, what would you do if you are told that today is the last day of your life? Will you hurriedly attempt to do everything in your bucket list or would you retrospect about life up till now, instead? Your blog post should start with the line,"It is 6 in the morning...."

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