Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Myriad shades of grey

grey skyline,cool breeze
give way to  welcome  showers
smell of  fresh  wet  earth 

Photograph courtsey C.V.Jayachandran

ah! thought the lazy dog
what lovely house let it burn;
my bed of ashes.

slogging up steep hill
heavy bags of sand on back
tired yet donkey strength

grey mood, eyes brimming  
knuckles cracking, tense she stood
 waiting for her loved.

grey hair , moustache thick
piercing eyes with wisdom bright
ah! einstein for sure.

Vector- courtsey Anicka Galo

grey receding line,
dimpled face wrinkled but fair
wise man wisdom shared

just one look at him
oh! emotionless, she thought
wrong she proved to be

grey represents dirt
and intelligent and worth
befuddled people

steering, sleek grey car  
eyes popping in  amazement  
connoisseur  of  all 

meeting done, he said
formal meetings folders grey
next time better see 

The Haiku are based on a prompt at http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/ . 
The prompt was “Grey.”
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