Saturday, 5 October 2013


subtle sun, lead her
down untrodden path of time.
ah! berries in wait.

Autumn’ or ‘fall’ marks the beginning of falling temperatures and the sun starts it all. Autumn is a precursor to winter a season that often restricts ones’ movements due to biting cold. So too is the autumn in ones’ life a precursor to the winter of old age an age when many of us tend to get confined to our home, our family .

In the autumn of life we tend to be more subtle, more sober like the rays of the sun and as each day passes by, we walk down the untrodden path of time getting closer to the winter of life. In this we are not alone. There are millions of others of different ages going through the same process, just like the berries- some ripe, some raw and some in between the two neither ripe nor raw. We are the berries ,the leaves our path and the subtle rays of the sun falling on the leaves are the hands that leads us forward on our journey of life  as we move from middle age to old age.

This entry is a part of a haiku contest held at Write Tribe .The prompt is the photo given above the haiku.

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