Thursday, 5 September 2013


5th Sept. 2013
“Happy Teachers Day, Amma”, that was my daughter calling to greet me on this very special day i.e “Teachers Day”. This has been the yearly ritual ever since she has been able to understand the significance of this day and it has always made me feel very- very special. She makes it a point to wish me first before she wishes her other teachers because she believes that a mother is a child’s first and best teacher. She ranks above everyone else in the world. She teaches you much more than what others teach you. Her lessons start right from the day she experiences you in her womb.

The bonds created there are stronger than that created after one is born. A mother wishes the best for her child from day one. She communicates with the child even when he or she is in the womb and thereby moulds the child’s very character. This is the very reason why our elders always tell us to be happy and cheerful, think of only good things and block all that is evil when one is in the family way. Our nature, our disposition, our thoughts, our feelings all find expression in our child.

I remember the day when my daughter was initiated into the world of letters for the first time on “Vidyarambham Day” ( Vijayadashami) at the tender age of two, by one of our village elders. She was stretching her vocal cords to the maximum extent possible. It seems she was too scared of the person who was chosen to initiate her. The ritual over after much coaxing and cajoling, she returned to my outstretched arms tired out but clearly relieved. A relative of mine, a very wise and respected person came to my side and caressing my child spoke thus, “The mother is the best person to initiate a child into the world of letters. Others will see it just as a ritual. But for the mother, it is more than a ritual. While initiating her child a mother pours out her heart in front of the Almighty praying that her child acquire the maximum that the world of education can offer him/ her. She prays for only the best. Her prayers are stronger than anything else in the world. God too has to bow before her wishes. You should have initiated her.”

Yes my Mother is my Best Teacher, so too is yours.
Happy Teachers Day To All The MOTHERS In The World.

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