Friday, 30 August 2013

Cry of Mother Earth

Dear friends out there,

Nature is a great administrator. She loves, she cares. She gives , she takes. She caresses yet lashes when she's had enough. She is mighty, mightier than we Human beings. She is stern and does not tolerate any nonsense.Yet, we take her for granted. Forget that the day she decides to teach us a lesson, no one can save us. Forget a lesson we've learnt when young i.e, " When Man fails Nature steps in." My first post is a poem which I wrote the day the Monsoon set in over Kerala (India) . 

Kerala also known as "God's Own Country" is a place known of its scenic beauty, abundant water resources and moderate climate . However, the past few years have seen things taking a turn for the worse, thanks to unscrupulous elements who go to any extent for personal gains. Hills and hillocks are teared down, paddy fields converted, ponds and pools filled in , rampant sand mining , granite and laterite quarrying are going on unchecked. The three most important elements of our very existence i.e. Air, Water and Earth are polluted. Life is slowly but steadily becoming hell out here. It is in this context I wrote this poem.This I dedicate to Nature & Mother Earth . Here it goes -

Cry of Mother Earth

Yesterday, I was dying to get one drop of the elixir of life
My throat was parched, my body drained,
My skin cracking, my eyes hurting,
Pleading with the heavens to relieve me of my pain.

The heavens taking pity on my plight have sent the rains
My thirst quenched, my eyes soothed,
My skin is healed, my body filled with life again
Today, I am relieved of my endless pain

But fear I of the months to come
For once the rains do go away
I am
At the mercy of the Men

Forget they it is I who supply them the elixir of life
Unscrupulously they do bleed me to the very last
Pollute me with their dirty waste
Go digging deep into my heart

Forget that I too cry in pain
Yearn for just a bit of care,
A bit of love,
A bit of air.

Relieve me of your dirty waste.
Stop digging unscrupulously into my heart
Let the rivers flow happily over me
Let dense forests plant their roots in me

A Happy Me is A Happy You
An Unhealthy Me is an Unhealthy You
So wake up when there is still time to go
Or else time will lash at you before you know.


  1. How beautifully you write Geeta .Loved the last four lines :)

  2. Madam, till all these years where you have hided this talent? Very nice!

    1. Thanks Nandakumar for the kind words. Looking forward to your continued support.

  3. geetha madam
    I am really privileged to read ur maiden post in CANVAS sitting in my brothers residence in TROY, MI, USA.
    Really meaningful poem .

    Hearty Congratulations
    chenicheri ramachandran

    1. Hello Ramachandran Sir,
      Happy to know you liked it. Looking forward to your continued support. By the way have a happy vacation out there in Troy.